Ficaria Seaways - Remontowa Shipyard, Poland


Full deck refurbishment including anti-skid renewal and protective painting applications.

  • Remontowa Ship repair yard, Poland.
  • Works completed over every deck of the ship for 14 days.
  • 4,700sqm captive blasted to SA2.5
  • 4,000sqm painted with a four-coat system. 
  • 700sqm of anti-skid renewal.
  • All works signed off by an independent paint inspector.

With global restrictions and lock-downs in force due to the ongoing climate. JMS was selected for its ability to work in challenging environments safely and efficiently. 

The work took place in Remontowa's shipyard in Gdasnk, Poland during the height of Polish winter with freezing conditions and snowfall daily. This meant our works had to be carefully planned with some out of the box thinking to ensure our products remained warm, encapsulated and our applications were not out of specification.


'The works were completed during very difficult conditions by some hard work persevering with the elements and experienced knowledge of surfacing'

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