Hexadex Factory Gainsborough

Epoxy High Build Coating  

JMS was approached as the client had an existing factory floor that was dirty, dusty and with no anti-slip or protection of the current substrate. JMS recommended our client a protective paint system to suit the business needs and planned the completing of the works to avoid any disruption to our client’s business. 


Warehouse & factory floors in storage premises tend to receive heavy foot traffic, the movement of wheeled equipment, point loading from heavily laden racks and pallets as well as the inevitable scuffs, scrapes and impacts inherent to the long working hours of a factory floor.
For this reason, factory flooring requires a high-quality application that contains the characteristics suited to this working environment. The new floor would have to maintain a fully functional surface in the face of the many potentially damaging factors. 

Initially the floor had to be captive blasted in order clean up the concrete, once we had achieved an acceptable level of clean concrete we proceeded with the priming of the floor before its epoxy high build coating was applied twice to manufacturer specification.
The finished floor was a great success with a new enhanced floor that prevents dust and works in prolonging the floor’s life, whilst making it far more aesthetically appealing after it has been refurbished.

High build epoxy floor coating comes in an array of colours. It’s a coating that is frequently used as a way to differentiate gangways, workstations, and more. High build floor coating does not flake, and if it is scratched, because it is one solid colour right through, the scratch does not show up.


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