Darlington Subways

Darlington City Centre 

Products: Safetrack SC Anti-slip System & Chinese Bauxite

Darlington council chose JMS to take preventative measures to all 5 different subways which are one of the main access routes to the centre for its local residents. The existing coating was worn and had been down several years. Reactive measures were taken to ensure the existing subways did not deteriorate any further.  


The existing old surfacing was removed via Wirtgen planer, grinding and handheld breakers followed by captive blasting.

Each subway received an epoxy primer coat Par1 followed by a scratch coat for any infills or existing underlying damage of the concrete base. After curing, all areas were applied with Safetrack SC resin system.


JMS Lincoln are delighted to have successfully resurfaced 950sqm worth of new anti-skid surfacing in the various subways around Darlington in 2019. 

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