Stena Britannica and Hollandia


JMS transforms the Stena Britannica & Stena Hollandica in two ship exterior refurbishment.

  • Damen Shipyard Rotterdam
  • Works completed over 2 vessels in dock for 14 days each concurrently.
  • 15,000sqm captive blasted to SA2.5
  • 15,000sqm painted with a four-coat system in four weeks to three car decks. 
  • Weather Deck works completed whilst exposed to the elements.
  • All works signed off by an independent paint inspector.



When Europe’s leading ferry operator needed two ships to undergo exterior makeovers to their car decks to an extremely short turnaround, JMS was the obvious choice.

The work took place in Damen’s shipyard in Schiedam over a period of 28 days and was covering 15,000sqm over two 14 day stints in dock for both vessels. JMS spent considerable effort cost engineering the project from an early stage whilst working closely with Stena Line and PPG to ensure that the budget was adhered to using innovative solutions and all within the agreed cost.

The rapid production of our preparation coupled with the experienced installation of high-quality paint meant the project could be turned around in a short timeframe. JMS provided skilled dedicated tradesmen & experienced on-site project managers that could find solutions to any arising issues.

Superior project management is part of JMS company ethos. For this project, the groundwork started early, working closely with our client and suppliers to ensure detailed planning took place early on to get an accurate scope of the work needed across the two ships and how each one’s needs differed. 

The large-scale refurbishment across the two ships had not been without its challenges, with January being quite an unpredictable month of weather in Holland and weather ranging in and out of specification from rain to freezing temperatures. Works had to be efficient and co-ordinated to ensure the weather caused minimal downtime - It also helps bringing our jet surface dryer when it does rain! 


This amazing transformation of both ships in such a short time was the result of a collaborative working relationship between JMS and Stena Line, which was established during previous projects.

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