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Marine Specialist Surfacing

Our Marine Division provides a comprehensive range of services to meet the standards and specifications required by the Marine industry, including protective paint and anti-skid applications, grit blasting, and a full range of hi-tech mechanical preparations.

JMS Marine turn-key services are the only complete start to finish contracting applicators for specialist surfacing applications. With our renowned expertise in having the capabilities to perform all types of surface preparation & our extensive knowledge of surface applications. JMS offers both high quality products and trusted technical preparation and application expertise.

Some certified IMO approved applications include; Protective Paint Finishes, Heavy Duty Anti-Skid Systems, Decorative Systems.
Please ask us to find out what are our preferred systems and for any technical data sheets. 

What can our certified turn-key team offer?

Turn-key exterior deck revamp services from:

  • Stripping heavy duty systems using apparatus such as our uniquely designed Jet dryer & Bobcats
  • Abrasive grit blasting open & captive blasting.
  • Protective Paint Finishes 
  • Heavy Duty Anti-Skid Systems
  • Water Jetting

JMS can provide a protective paint system or high friction non-slip waterproof surface for a new build or refurbish an existing substrate with a complete renewal or isolated repairs. With our advanced plant and knowledge - we remove old surfacing, prepare substrates, and apply new surface coatings - just check out our surface preparation page. All done ‘in-house’ without the need to source any external contractors for any part of the process, making us a proven seamless cost-effective solution.